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Russian-German Raw Material Conference

Scientific and Economic Forum in the Raw Materials Industry 

The Russian-German Raw Materials Conference (RGRC) is an interactive platform for the intensification of relations between the two countries in the commodity sector. It was established in 2006 by the Freiberg Mining Academy (Germany) and the St. Petersburg Mining University (Russia), the world’s oldest mining and technical training institutions. It is held under the patronage of Professor Klaus Töpfer, former Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations, and Professor Vladimir Litvinenko, Rector of the St. Petersburg Mining University.

The Russian-German Raw Materials Conference, held annually alternately in Germany and Russia, brings together representatives from both countries in the field of science and economics. Annually increasing number of participants, creation of joint projects with Russian regions and strengthening of the function of a platform for cooperation of specialists in the field of science allowed the commodity conference to become the main dialogue platform of both countries in this field at the moment.

Germany and Russia: cooperation in raw materials and technology

The industrial state of Germany is largely dependent on the import of energy raw materials and metals. At the same time, there is a sufficient amount of raw materials throughout the world, but it is allocated selectively and is limitedly available. Being a high-tech country, Germany depends on stable supplies of raw materials, necessary to withstand international competition.

The Russian Federation is a raw material giant. It ranks second in the world in terms of oil production and has about 24% of the world’s natural gas reserves. In addition, in Russia lies about 15% of the explored deposits of land metals. Also, Russia has a huge potential in the field of high-tech metals, rare earth metals and phosphates, which are of great importance for agriculture.

Nevertheless, many raw materials are located in hard-to-reach regions and can be extracted on an industrial scale only using advanced technologies developed by the highest mining engineering schools and enterprises in Germany. Effective and environmentally friendly processing, operation and restoration of raw materials in Russia can also be significantly improved. Here Germany is also an important partner.

The effective and environmentally friendly processing, use and recycling of raw materials in Russia can also be significantly further developed. Here, too, Germany is an important partner. For decades, Germany and Russia have had a successful and trusting partnership in the energy industry and a centuries-old tradition of cooperation in mining science. The German-Russian Commodities Forum builds on this in order to make even better use of the existing common potential and to initiate an even closer partnership between the two countries in the technology and raw materials sector.

More information about the Forum can be found at http://www.rohstoff-forum.org/.