Proceedings of the Forum

The proceedings of the 12th Russian-German Raw Materials Forum will be published in an annual collection of articles “Russia and Germany: partnership and pooling potentials against background of new global and enviromental challenges”, thanks to which the relevant information that was discussed at the conference will be available to a wide range of scientific communities. The publisher is one of the leading international scientific publishing houses CRC-PressTaylor&Francis Group. Articles included in the collection will be indexed in the SCOPUS.

Innovation-Based Development of the Mineral Resources Sector: Challenges and Prospects: Proceedings of the 11th Russian-German Raw Materials 

The deadline for submitting the article is February 10, 2020. The Organizing Committee requests to send the article as soon as they are ready, without delaying the submission to the deadline, with the aim of gradually sending the papers to reviewers. This will generally speed up the compilation process.

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