History of the forum


On October 10, 2006, within the framework of the St. Petersburg Dialogue, the two oldest mining institutes in the world, the Freiberg Mining Academy and the St. Petersburg State Mining University, in the presence of the German Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russian President Vladimir Putin signed an agreement on the establishment of the “Permanent Russian-German Forum on use of raw materials”.

Freiberg Technical University Saint-Petersburg Mining University


Starting point: two universities with traditions and future

The stories of the world’s two oldest high mountain schools – the Technical University of the Freiberg Mining Academy and the St. Petersburg Mining University – are closely intertwined. The Mining University was established in 1773 on the model of the Freiberg Mining Academy, founded in 1765.

From the very beginning, both universities were linked by student and scholarly exchange. Today, cooperation includes, inter alia, exchange programs for students, graduate students and professors, implementation of common research projects, joint use of special laboratories equipment, as well as excursions and practice at Russian enterprises and Germany. One of the key aspects of cooperation is the work within the framework of the RGRMF.