The Russian-German Raw Materials Forum has proved its effectiveness and social and political importance, becoming the most important platform for discussing the most pressing issues of the relationship between Russia and Germany, not only in the mineral and raw materials sector, but also in foreign economic and geopolitical aspects.

The forum accumulates information on current trends in the development of commodity markets and the world economy, the state of the environment and new technologies in the industry, effectively responding to modern challenges.

The objectives of the bilateral dialogue are:

  • expansion of opportunities for joint scientific and technical work of specialists in the raw materials industry by initiating cooperation between higher education institutions, organizations and individual research projects;
  • intensification of cooperation in the commodity sphere by providing a permanent dialogue platform for representatives of government structures, business and educational institutions, supporting the relevant regulatory and legislative framework, and informing the leadership of both countries about the tasks and results of the dialogue;
  • assistance to Russian regions in the search for German partners for joint raw material, technological and research projects.